Training Simulator development for multiple industries including medical, mining, aviation and IT.


Windows - OS X (MAC) - Linux 
Oculus Rift - HTC Vive
Microsoft Hololens
iOS - Android - Windows Mobile
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Microsoft Hololens - Perception Neuron
Realtime Motion Capture - Oculus Rift- Leap Motion Hand tracking - HTC Vive VR - Etc.
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  • Flexible - Simulations recreate conditions or scenarios that would be difficult or impossible to replicate in the real world.
  • Safety -Simulations enable you to train your employees in a harmless virtual environment thus eliminating the risk of accidents. This enables inexperienced employees to start operating virtual machinery immediately where they can master their skills without the risk of accident or injury.
  • Accidents - Any mistakes made while using a simulation are cost free in a virtual environment this eliminates the risk expensive lawsuits.
  • Cost - Training your employees using simulations enables you to keep your expensive machinery productive in the work environment. Additionally, multiple copies of the software can be used simultaneously which reduces the time and cost needed to train numerous employees.  

Immersion Creates The Perception Of Reality

Hyper realistic immersive experiences are created by using the latest realistic, real-time graphics and equipment which are designed to deceive the senses and create the illusion of reality. Immersed in the simulation, the operator experiences an environment that is strikingly similar to real world conditions.

Health Care

SimmLabs have developed multiple A-grade simulators for the healthcare sector. We have mastered the complex requirements for this industry establishing ourselves as a class leading entity in this field.



By utilizing hyper realistic simulations for above and below surface situations, allows for inexperienced employees to be fully trained in a safe environment, before engaging with expensive equipment or dangerous conditions.



With extensive experience working on aircraft de-icing simulators and aircraft loading operations we are uniquely positioned to bring aviation simulators to life.



The use of immersive and simulated realism helps soldiers to prepare for real world conditions. Utilizing valuable equipment simulators, ensures that the essential logistical backbone in military operations keeps running like a well-oiled machine.



The latest in VR and AR technology lends itself well to new interactive educational experiences. These involve stimulating multiple senses which aid in learners understanding by reducing the abstract component of lessons.



At SimmLabs we are able to convert complex CAD files and training manuals into fully fledged simulations. Utilizing vehicle driving, maintenance and equipment simulators, designed for the transport industry increases speed and productivity as well as reducing workplace accidents. 



Simulators developed for a range of platforms to suit your individual needs
Desktop Supporting Windows, Mac and Linux.We support a range of devices from low end laptops to 55" Microsoft Surface Hub touch sensitive devices. A proprietary system allows for a scalable system across devices.
VR Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.VR allows for a full immersive experience, especially in combination with IK rigged characters and controlled by Leap Motion connected hands, which generates a convincing life-like avatar. Full body tracking using one of our Perception Neuron suits is a possible addition for an extra level of realism.
AR Augmented riality via Microsoft Hololens. Arguably the future of education, AR lends itself towards previously undiscovered training opportunities. We are leading the way in developing applications for this groundbreaking and exciting new technology.
Mobile iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. With almost a decade of experience developing for mobile devices we are geared to provide your simulators with unparalelled optimised performance and visual fidelity.


gear-vr_logoWe develop highly optimized simulators and demos for the Gear VR and it's controllers.

OculusLogoWe develop high performance immersive experiences for the Oculus rift virtual reality platform using Asus Turbo-GTX1080.

UnityLogoOur game and simulator projects are developed exclusively on the world leading Unity game development platform.

PerceptionNeuronLogoOur motion capture studio utilizes the Perception Neuron real-time MOCAP system.

iOSWe develop highly optimized simulators for the entire range of iOS devices.

AndroidWe develop highly optimized simulators for the entire range of Android devices.

LeapMotionThe Leap Motion hand tracking system is an integral part of our VR solutions.

LeapMotionWe develop the latest in Augmented reality via Microsoft Hololens.

Our Location

Our head office is located in Cape Town, a winner of the the prestigious design capital of the world accolade. We are ideally geographically located to offer world leading expertise at a fraction of the usual cost with an internationally accessable time zone. Our UK sales office is ideally located to service the UK and European territories.
Cape Town Unit 105, Level 5, Touchstone Building
7 Bree street
Central Business District
Cape Town
Western Cape
Tel: 021 110 5586
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