Training Simulator development for multiple industries including medical, mining, aviation and IT.


The digital creations at SimmLabs provide an interactive, easily accessed form of training for anyone working in the transport sector. The growing field of VR presents a cost-effective and timesaving alternative to real-world training which would otherwise require utilising expensive equipment that could be productively used elsewhere.

At SimmLabs we are able to convert complex CAD files and training manuals into fully fledged simulations. Utilizing vehicle driving, maintenance and equipment simulators designed for the transport industry, increases speed and productivity as well as reducing workplace accidents. Our motion capture studio enables us to create animations of real world scenarios in order to help prepare operators deal with potentially dangerous situations.

While in a secure virtual environment, operators can practice and perfect a multitude of procedures regarding safety, equipment maintenance and vehicle handling. These simulators are constructed with accuracy and practicality in mind, ensuring a realistic and helpful virtual experience for operators while they perfect their skills. We are able to create simulators that are uniquely specified by the client to represent any required vehicle or control system. The inclusion of motion capture animation adds further layers of realism and immersion to the simulators, providing the operator with a detailed portrayal of the training procedure and what is required of them in a real-world situation. Dangerous scenarios and consequences can be easily depicted without any risk to the employee or equipment involved.


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