Training Simulator development for multiple industries including medical, mining, aviation and IT.


 Oculus Rift




At SimmLabs we develop high performance immersive experiences for the Oculus rift virtual reality platform using Asus Turbo-GTX1080.  The operator experiences full immersion with IK rigged characters, controlled by Leap Motion connected hands. This can be combined with full body tracking by using one of our Perception Neuron suits, adding another level authenticity to the experience.

The Oculus rift is amongst the latest devices on the market for commercial Virtual Reality use allowing the operator to be immersed in a variety of hyper realistic virtual environments.

For many people Virtual Reality is seen simply as a form of entertainment. To us however it is a powerful tool for the creation of our pioneering training simulators.

The goal in a training simulator is to immerse the operator in a virtual world which is as close to the actual scenario as possible and ensuring they can interact within the training environment. Simmlabs achieves this by paying close attention to realistic details combined with the expectations from the learning experience. By creating interactive scenarios in a life-like virtual world generates an interesting, stimulating and attention-grabbing learning experience that reinforces real life skills.

The modern information age has made the act of just repeating information over and over to a trainee obsolete. By using the potential that Virtual Reality has to offer through the oculus, we are able to present training modules in a way that incorporates the operator into the training scenario instead of them just being passive bystanders. Being immersed in a realistic 3D environment allows them to draw from their own experience and retain information then use the knowledge they have gained in real life. 


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