Training Simulator development for multiple industries including medical, mining, aviation and IT.


Industries Education

Simulations are a useful tool in providing powerful, experiential, learning experiences. The latest in VR and AR technology has created new, exciting and interactive, educational opportunities for learners. Stimulating multiple senses in a hyper realistic, immersive simulation, increases learners understanding and retention of knowledge by reducing the abstract component of lessons.

The use of simulations as an educational tool is ideal for assessing a student’s critical thinking in a particular area, in that they are required to solve problems and adapt to issues which arise from a given scenario. The simulation creates a situation where the student suspends their disbelief, which has a positive impact on their behaviour and performance. Using a simulation also provides the student with an opportunity to apply and test their knowledge, as they can reset any scenario and try different strategies and approaches.

Students who engage in simulations show significantly greater content retention over time, compared to students who were taught with conventional classroom instruction. Integrating simulations into an educational program is a perfect opportunity to put theory into practice through role playing, making lessons both fun and meaningful.


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