Training Simulator development for multiple industries including medical, mining, aviation and IT.


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At SimmLabs we have extensive experience working on aircraft de-icing simulators and aircraft loading operations, making us uniquely positioned to bring aviation simulators to life.

By utilizing the latest technology in simulator development, Simmlabs places the operator in the pilot’s seat. Here he or she must make informed decisions while familiarising themselves with the new equipment. The consequences of their actions in the simulation will feel just as realistic as the visual 3D world they experience. Though the scenarios may feel real to the operator, they are able to train in a safe environment with little expense to the company and zero risk of injury. The training experience is brought to life in an immersive virtual world based on situations found in real life aviation, this allows inexperienced future pilots to gain a wealth of knowledge and experience.

The various components of the simulations are modelled from CAD design files or photo and video references. Meticulous attention is applied to the detailed renderings of materials, specularity, metallicity and normal mapping, in order to increase realism.

By working closely with our clients, we are able to create custom made simulators that are tailored to suit the specific learning experiences required for their needs. This includes the visual and physical features of the aircraft, the environmental conditions within the training scenarios and a controlled set up based on the actual aviation instruments. Through the integration of VR - the operator is able to get a first-hand experience of the aircraft and what is required of them to operate that type machinery. The knowledge needed to operate an aircraft presents a steep learning curve for the operator. Thus the use of immersive simulators as a learning medium is extremely useful, as they present the required information in a way that engages the operator by giving them a first-hand experience in a realistic virtual world. 

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