Training Simulator development for multiple industries including medical, mining, aviation and IT.



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At SimmLabs we pride ourselves on being able to support a wide range of new, ground-breaking technologies, which include the latest in AR and VR simulations.

Companies which require extensive training programs can benefit enormously by using an appropriate immersive simulation for training purposes. Some of the benefits include, being able to train your employees in a harmless virtual environment, thereby eliminating the risk of accidents or injury. Mistakes made during simulation training are cost free in a virtual environment, removing the risk of an expensive lawsuits. Additionally, companies are able to keep valuable machinery productive in the work environment while multiple copies of the software can be used simultaneously reducing the time needed to train employees.

Embracing these pioneering simulation technologies will give your company a public relations advantage. Using platforms such as AR or VR can create hype and interest during trade shows as well as being something exciting to boast about in press releases or on social media.




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