Training Simulator development for multiple industries including medical, mining, aviation and IT.


 Mining Simulator

Utilising hyper realistic simulations for above and below surface situations, allows for companies to train inexperienced employees in a safe environment, before they engage with expensive equipment or dangerous conditions.

At SimmLabs we integrate the latest physically based rendering technology (PBR) into our simulators. This allows for a realistic, visual presentation of the machines and environments for a more precise and true to life 3D experience. We use real world controls combined with VR to immerse users into a virtual 3D environment, mimicking everyday scenarios, and allowing the user to realistically interact with the machines. Using real life controls in a simulated environment, makes the learning curve for the user not only more interesting and fun, but also more accurate as they perfect their skills operating complex mining equipment.

Our simulators are built with numerous training scenarios and situations which may occur in the field. This enables trainees to understand the scope of the work required for the job, learn how to interact in real world scenarios and deal with potential difficulties. Each scenario is carefully designed to insure the best training experience allowing employees to perfect their skills in real world situations.

We can also provide a useful, multiplayer platform which allows for teams to interact with each other as if they were in the actual mine. This allows multiple users to be interactive simultaneously in the same environment which is useful for collaborative training programs. 


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